Questions you might ask yourself ...

Does Eden Garden offer the services of a travel agency?

EGT is not a travel agency. It therefore does not directly manage other services (trips from France, hotels in Cairo...) but can, thanks to its local partners, offer you complementary services (travel, cruises on the Nile or on Lake Nasser, visits to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan or Alexandria, diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea etc...).
EGT picks you up at the airport in Cairo for example or at your hotel and takes care of the whole service in the desert and the oases.

I don't like group travel

No problem, EGT sets up your personal program, depending on the number of participants. The vehicles are equipped for a maximum of 4 people (no "minibus" version).
Unless you don't want to, 1 or 2 people can join you.

Who accompanies us?

The team consists of a driver, an assistant and even a cook.
They're there to take care of you like friends. 

Can we negotiate? I was told that you could find cheaper ...

The prices indicated are fixed. They will take into account the number of days and the number of people concerned.
Finding cheaper : you can always ... (although ?) but be aware that the quality and quantity of services can vary greatly from one provider to another, but you will only know this too late... To be at 8 in a 4x4, not to go deep into the desert for fear that the 4x4 will break down, to open cans on a gas stove, to sleep on a simple carpet without foam mattresses, this effectively allows you to display "broken prices".

It is not the policy of Eden Garden Tours!

What about my safety in the desert?

You should also know that EGT has a long experience of its "territory"; with a very competent and experienced team (especially in the desert, we must not forget how important it is to be able to count on professionals, who can manage possible technical or human problems, who do not get lost (we have already seen it elsewhere ;-)).
EGT has a fleet of cars in excellent condition, regularly overhauled and repaired with original parts. This counts for the reliability and therefore the success of the trip.

I don't have a lot of budget. Can I do part of the desert with public buses instead?

Public buses connect Cairo and the oases, but don't plan to take advantage of the desert by bus, nor get off on the Baharaya/Farafra link for example to go to the White Desert as I see it written on some guides. It is forbidden to go into the desert without a guide or to go on foot from an oasis. In this case, we can plan day trips from the Base Camp to limit the costs. Please consult us ! 

Bitumen route and route ?

The itinerary itself doesn't mean much in an area you don't know. On the other hand, it is true that some guides don't really like to go far into the desert, as it requires experience in driving, navigation and safety.
If you see offers like "the oases of the Lybian desert in 3 days" or Baharaya-Dakhla in 1 day.... it can only be by the tarmac road!
So be careful in your price analysis ;-)
The "logistics" necessary for a real desert immersion is not at all the same as to drive along the paved road "pretending" to enter the desert... ; neither are the prices...
Be aware that at EGT, we do very little "asphalt", only when the area crossed is of no interest, and that it gives more time for some other places ...
EGT expeditions are among the few that go very far into the heart of the desert, far from the beaten track, with 4x4s and very safe drivers.

What about hygiene and comfort in the middle of the desert?

IIn the oases, there are very pleasant hot springs, and in the desert, bottled water is available for memorable "showers" in the middle of nature... happiness! The bivouacs are very well organized and very clean, with simple but friendly comfort, adapted and sufficient to spend very good nights restoring (mattresses, coffee table for dinner, floor mats, warm blankets available (camel wool, ideal in the sand of the desert).

What about meals?

All meals are prepared with fresh products; breakfasts and dinners are served hot, prepared exclusively on wood fire; no butagaz in the bivouacs as in some of them... and when the cook is inspired, he can even make you fresh bread "Bedouin style", that is to say baked in the sand under the embers of the fire !!
Drinks (water, tea, coffee, sodas) are at will at EGT !
Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any special requirements or constraints.